Kia Ora! Welcome!

Let’s design products people love!

My name is Niki.

I’m an Experience Designer specializing in User Research and UX Design.

I can help designing a digital product or service that your customers will love by applying User Centered Design, the only design approach that works, to the problem.

What I do

User Research

Gather insights using various user and customer research techniques to better understand their behaviors, needs, and motivations

User Experience Design

Design, test, learn, and validate through iteration using Design Thinking Methodology

Data Analysis

Inspect data to discover useful information that support decision making

Information Architecture

Plan, design, and test the information structure for websites and applications


Let’s connect!

If you’re interested in talking to me about a project or want to have a chat about your ideas over a cup of coffee, I’d love to hear from you. 

Send me an email, or ping me via Twitter or LinkedIn.