Hello there!

I am Niki.

Welcome to my site. I’m glad you’re interested to read more about me.

I am a lot of things, but professionally I label myself as a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for solving important problems to give better experience to people.

I specialize in user research and user experience design.

I have been working as a product designer since 2012, that’s when I shifted focus from web design to the end users because I wanted to understand how technology impacts people’s behaviour and influences their habits. I’m intrigued by the variety of people’s perspective. (click to see my resume) 

Since then I have worked in many roles and on a wide variety of mobile, web, and cloud based solutions, large and small, mundane (yeah, there are projects like that) and interesting, encompassing mapping customer journeys, facilitating workshops, researching users/customers, prototyping, wireframing, usability testing, sketchnoting, evaluating applications, creating and/or redesigning Information Architecture (IA), designing interactions, analysing data, usability, competitors, and business needs, creating brand identities and guidelines…and before all of these happened I wrote code for the web, and created content.

I had the opportunity to work for a cutting edge mobile services company, Afilias (née dotMobi), where I designed and/or reimagined the possible, ultimately contributing to a number of award-winning products and services with hundreds of thousands of happy users worldwide, including goMobi, device preview, and ready.mobi.

I was fortunate to join Oracle as a senior UX Lead, working remotely, during an exciting time in 2016. I helped Oracle shift its on-premise software strategy into a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) subscription model with a first-class UX. In two years, I worked on more than ten telecommunication related products, and contributed to Oracle’s large success in the cloud-based software domain.

My recent New Zealand Government projects with MPI focused on climate change, and simplification of the oddly complex pet export service.


I’m a perpetuate learner. I believe there’s always something I can learn not necessarily through traditional schools and formal eduction.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Engineering from SZIE. I did my postgraduate studies in Digital media & Design at Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland.

I’m currently working towards a postgraduate diploma in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience in Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington. Some of my academic papers are available to the public on ResearchGate.

My style

I’m Curious

I’m constantly learning due to an inquisitive nature. I’m fascinated by the depth and breadth of any topic. When I dive deep into an area, I always realize that everything around us is interesting. I’ve taught myself many things in the past such as using complex software, writing code, and touch typing. Currently, I teach myself to play the piano.

I’m Adaptive and Versatile

I have a growth mindset which means to me that I’m not dogmatic. I regularly adapt ideas and my opinion based on new insights and knowledge. If you disagree with things I say here, please give me feedback. I can take it. I like to receive constructive criticism that leads to improvement. I’ve retooled skills for a variety of domains from yeast research to animal imports to patient care to climate change. I’m keeping an open-mind to change.

I’m Disciplined

This is what I’m the most proud of, because developing new skills is challenging and hard work, which is a common road block to self improvement. It is very rewarding to push through the learning cycle. Some significant challenges which required discipline to achieve include:

  • Learning English in my adulthood,
  • The many steps needed to go from a small village where a big issue was a tractor stuck in the mud to solving complex problems for Fortune 500 companies which provides value to thousands of people,
  • Regular investment in study and refinement of my skills

Outside of work

When I’m not working, I like to go on culinary adventures meaning I enjoy cooking and eating out.

I also enjoy writing about design, productivity, psychology, and self-care; and sharing my experience online. In the past, I had many blogs but fortunately unfortunately they are not available on the internet anymore.

I also draw and paint. I have an Instagram page where I share my creations. I’m very much into lettering at the moment. I make things because it brings me joy. I’m also crazy about beautiful patterns: spiral, crack, tile, stripe, mandala, line, wave, bubble, circle, you name it. If there’s repetition and symmetry, I just love it.

I have a dog as well. Her name is Mango, she’s Irish, and she’s ridiculously handsome. She enjoys taking me on walks, saving me from birds (she chases them away), running after pebbles on the beach, and cuddling next to me on the couch.

This is Mango (awww, she’s so cute) in Brittas Bay, Ireland.

I like to give back to the design community too. I mentor ICT grad school master students of User Experience Design. I also offer portfolio review to creatives for 15$ discount price. So, if you’re a student reading this, and would like me to take a look at your portfolio, flick me an email. Any donation you make goes to an animal shelter in Wellington. Let’s save some puppies and kitties while talking design!

Let’s talk…

If you’d like to hire me, or need advice, please get in touch!

Click to see services I offer.

Or if you’d like to have a chat to see whether I’m a good fit for your project, feel free to give me a call on 027 31 601 13.

I’m happy to chat about interesting ideas, new collaborations. I’m always up for a great Wellingtonian coffee (soy flat white is my favorite, if you’d ask). Alternatively, I do remote consulting as well. 

Thank you for coming to my site and reading this far. Have an awesome day!

Ngā mihi.

Copyright: Creative Common.

Copy it all. Every picture and artwork on the site is done by me unless it’s stated otherwise. You don’t need to ask permission from or provide credit to me, but it’s appreciated. Thank you!