How to create watercolor swatches

Hey friends! Welcome back to XD land. This video is the first episode of a series where I’m going to share my workflow on how to make watercolor swatches, how to digitalize the swatches, how to change a watercolor texture to any color, how to vectorize the watercolor texture, how to apply the watercolor texture […]

7 steps to becoming a better Designer

I’ve been asked many times how to become better at design. Well, I do have a bulletproof formula that I’m going to share in this post. Are you ready? The secret … is a 7 steps process Design.Design more.Design even more.Design when you want to.Design when you don’t want to.Design every day.Keep designing. There you […]

How to change careers

It’s hard enough to get a job when you’re qualified and experienced, but what if you are changing careers? In this article I’d like to give you some practical tips on how to change careers. So if that is on your mind right now, you are not alone. I know the feelings because this is […]

How to deal with rejection at design interviews

I prepared for a design job for months. I went through 4 stages of the interview. I thought I found my tribe where I could do great things. Everything went so well. I wanted to belong.
….and there was radio-silence for a week. I knew something was wrong. Then I received ‘the call’ from the recruiter…

Whiteboard Design Challenge – as part of the design interview process

I believe designers are problem solvers. But a portfolio doesn’t show how we think through a problem. Companies introduced a good way of assessing our thinking, our approach to a problem. It’s called Whiteboard Design Challenge (WDC).