The revolutionary Service Design project in the Irish medical industry

The Award winning communication solution

medxnote logo

I was fortunate enough to work on an amazing product that revolutionised communication in the medical industry.

The team

I was part of the core team who released the product to the market in Ireland. The team consisted of the CEO, COO, CTO, marketing, and design (me).

My role

I joined the team as a UX designer and front-end developer on a contract basis to get the product out of the door.

My responsibilities were extensive including:

  • conducting ideation sessions with stakeholders
  • industry and user research
  • sketching and wireframing
  • designing many different aspects of the product such as iOS and web app, product website, landing page for lead generation, messaging dashboard for nurses
  • prepping prototypes for usability testing

My duties also included:

  • art direction – branding
  • logo design
  • t-shirt, business card, and brand related stationary design
  • designing slide deck/keynote presentations for international events e.g. Web Summit
  • coding and delivering the product landing page

Mobile communication to connect healthcare professionals

Medxnote was designed to be a blend of patient-centric messaging and ease of use ensuring medical staff can easily and instantly connect with colleagues.

Aim of service

  • main focus is patients’ safety
  • replacing the outdated hospital pagers to bring a new, effective way to clinical team communication
  • delivering a mobile and accessible application that doesn’t require training to use
  • providing privacy and security (HIPAA compliant) through the app to connected hospital members
  • providing enterprise support and full audit trail security

App IA & Sign up logic


It was early days…

The CEO, who was a medical professional in a Dublin hospital, spotted a need in how medical professionals communicate with each other.

I came onboard to come up with a long-lasting service design solution to help replacing the unsecure communication channels such as the pager technology and text messaging focusing on the key features onboarding, messaging, and notification.

Landing page

The success

Medxnote was successfully designed and built to medical-grade security standards, with data compliance features to protect Patient Health Information (PHI). Visit site.

Medxnote made it easy for hospitals’ IT managers to deliver safety, security and ease-of-use:

  • complete user management
  • built-in data compliance
  • enterprise support and deployment

In a short amount of time, I delivered a comprehensive digital strategy for Medxnote which contributed to its future success.

Constant collaboration with stakeholders enabled the project to meet users’ and hospitals’ needs and expectations, so that a safe and secure messaging system was delivered.

To date, Medxnote is widely used by 10,000 people in the medical industry.

Medxnote has been recognised by the healthcare industry and the software
industry with the awards and acknowledgements.


Web Summit: Spark of genius – finalist

1776 Global Challenge Cup: People’s choice award

Enterprise Ireland: HPSU funding & support

Journal of Mobile health: Global digital health 100 award

Silicon Republic: Tech startup of the week

Award winning design: CSS Author (featured in 2013)

Design close-up

Click to see iOS application.

Messaging dashboard

I will be forever grateful to Niall (CEO of Medxnote) for trusting me with his vision, and gave me plenty of opportunity to explore different design solutions. Note: Since my contribution on the original design Medxnote has successfully evolved to maintain its industry leading and revolutionary communication product.